Q - Interact
E - Use Item (Not used)
SPACE - Enter/Attack
Z - Inventory/Menu

Legend of The Eternal Treasure was a small game project I began work on near the end of 2014. Well, it started off as small, but the more time I invested into it, the more I realized it was a bit bigger of an investment than I anticipated. Here is a prototype "proof of concept" scrap of gameplay of what I managed to complete. Maybe one day I'll return to this project-- there's a lot of little stuff here that I was proud to get running in Game Maker for my first non-drag-and-drop project with the tools.

Additional art and animation by Dieselbrain.

NOTE: For some reason in the jump to HTML5, the inventory menu feature isn't working in this version of the game. There wasn't much to see there anyway besides some additional flavor text and a brief look at the inventory system I was developing for the game.